Practice makes perfect” they say… Well, whoever said that has obviously never raced an EWS round. After two days of practice, I can assure you come race weekend shit was pretty mafucka far from perfect!

I would add to that quote and say that “Faffing makes fun“, which is why I reversed my initial decision to ignore 2 days of footage from EWS Spain practice and instead bring you this rather eclectic edit. And yes, I’ve also been wanting to use the word ‘eclectic’ for fucking ages.

The main reason I rammed this together, aside from the fact I seem to ride better in practice than race conditions, is that the two days of practice with your crew is simply a fucking good time. Sure, the race is too, but practice obviously has a more chilled out vibe and a lot more faffing as you see the stages for the first time. Behold more Spanish goodness from the ZZ:

Yes, file under “Oh, do I really sound like that when I talk?“, I wanted to authentically leave in some of the commentary to confirm that dialogue during practice is either expletives, or confessions of idiocy.

The Dirty Video juggernaut is rolling on, with prologue and race footage being sliced and diced like you’re at a BBQ with Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. Stay tuned for the gushing hose down of content to come.

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