The Road video frothing continues on! In the final instalment we find the Road warriors blasting out of Girona and into the Haute Pyrenees to put the climbing cream on the AT40 Birthday cake.

But don’t worry, I haven’t subjected you to continuous long cuts as I ride my horrendous tempo pace up HC Climbs… But I have thrown in some fatigue induced panting commentary instead. Other gems to look out for:

  • My artisanal as fuck 3D printed Euro Garmin/Go PRO mount was supposed to be the Maap Socks of mounts, but ended up shaking like a Grimpeur you leave at the top of a snow capped Mon-ton for 30 mins. Turd
  • The ‘AT report’ is back and is as strong on facts as it is low on visible stoke factor (He clearly knew where all the footage was heading) #frothingontheinside
  • Disc braked road bikes must be awesome in the Mon-tons? Until they decide to cunt themselves massively, I have shared the results for everyone here
  • The Pyrenees are, well, just pretty fucking amazing to be blunt. Roll tape to get the low down:

And with that final famous climb wrap up, I am officially spent of AT40 material… The first Dirty Road Mission in 2 years and not only did it exceed expectations and create some massive memories, but it also seems to have given me a bit of form I haven’t seen in a long time.

So, time to use that form then? Stay tuned as we’re about to hang up the road kit and get back to being as ENDURO as fuck…. Imminently…

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