For reasons that will be revealed soon, I’m under some legit blogging time pressure to squirt out the final AT40 mission media this week. Usually there’s nothing worse than trying to make a Dirty video when under the pump time wise, but as it turns out its not too bad…

After all, pretty much all the Roadie footage is the same, which clearly presents its own challenges to ensure I capture your attention span to actually watch the below. So, I’ve rammed 5 insanely awesome days into 8 minutes and used highly disorientating short cuts to keep your 2016 cutting edge brains engaged with content frothing.

Of course, the banger Spanish roads and scenery also do a pretty good job all on their own to keep things interesting. Sit back, relax and let the goodness of Girona and Banyoles wash over you as the AT40 mission comes to life in HD:

So, I think that my interviewing technique needs a bit of work clearly, but hopefully this edit gives you the viewer a taste of the awesome Spanish vibe that we got to experience. Stay tuned for Part II as we roll into the real Mon-Tons….

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