Hit me baby one more time… I had to do it. I was effectively out of Dirty Japanese Alps footage, but wanted to throw together a little warm down edit to round out the trip once and for all. If you’ve watched the first two, then this one is more about chillaxing in the break as we close out.

We called it the beautiful road, there was really no other description for it. Ok, so it wasn’t an alpine pass or have crazy gorge or valley views, but there was just something about it… It was secluded, smooth, serene. A peaceful section that felt like it was solely there for us to ride and us alone. No cars, no other riders… Just an awesome section of road that we will always remember. So, sit back, enjoy the tune and the sweet smooth criminal peddling style of the Assassin as we glide through the goodness:

And… with that, I am spent… The footage sac is dry and another mission is truly in the bank. A fucking awesome one as well. There were times when I was wishing for a 29 first gear that it didn’t feel completely awesome, but its a trip that has left an epic imprint on me and that will always be revered and celebrated.

Pick a date, book a flight, clean the bike…


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