This is all about riding… And for the most part travelling and riding preferably. I don’t discriminate between Road and MTB, its all awesome and variety is a good thing.

From July 2013 to Sept 2014 this was pretty much my full time job, without sponsorship and pretending to be a ‘career break’ from the corporate Matrix, after 14 years of 50 to 70 hour weeks where my longest holiday was 3 weeks – Could be said I was making up for lost time.

You’ve arrived at a rather niche and opinionated set-up, so consider this a parental advisory warning. The DN Global Collective is all about having rad times in awesome places on your bike with your ComRADes. Most importantly, no cunts allowed.

There’s a lot of ranting and raving to be found on here, so pick a flavor that appeals to you and hopefully it gets you pumped to ride somewhere awesome with your GC Crew.

Here’s how it rolled in 2013:

Dirty 2014:

Dirty 2015:

  • February – Perth for the PMT action over Chinese New Year
  • March – Dirty Mega March action: Mt Buller, Wellington, Queenstown and Rotorua for EWS Round 1 all rammed into one massive trip
  • June – The EuroEnduro mission, culminating in the incredible Trans Provence race!
  • September/October – The massive back to back EWS rounds in Spain and Italy as part of EuroEnduro II, the PRO edition
  • October – The Cane Toad mini mission to QLD in Australia
  • November – The ill-fated NZ mini mission to get some hometown shredding in, ending in the rather unexpected Broken neck scenario

Dirty 2016:

  • January – More rehab action on the Road 2 Recovery the sequel in the Hawkes Bay
  • March – Back into some ENDURO racing with the 5 Day Trans NZ 
  • June – Hitting Bali for some random EWS Training Camp action at Bali Bike Park
  • July – Off to Italy for EuroEnduro III and the infamous bad ass La Thuile EWS Round
  • August –  #AT40 tour: A massive double header in Spain and France and the first road riding trip for 2 years to celebrate AT turning 40. Girona vs the Pyrenees in a full roadie froth mission
  • September – Its Finals time in Finale again: EWS Round 8 in Italy
  • December – Who knew the raddest dirt days would cum in the throes of 2016? Radness with the Rodfather, SwissMissile and Jeff on the hallowed grounds of Rotorua.

Dirty 2017:

  • February – The Chiang Mai Training camp in Thailand
  • March – Dirty Mega March III, including a wet & wild NZ Enduro, Wairoa Gorge debut and then followed by the infamously wet EWS Round 1 in Rotorua
  • May – Boys go Wairoa Wild with a rad 3 days in not so sunny Nelson for more moistness
  • May – Off on a long range mission to the highly anticipated EWS Round 3 in Madeira
  • June – Back to Europe for EWS Round 5 in Sunny Millau… Which ended up with fucking zero sun

As part of the Dirty Nomad World Cycling Tour its also important to make sure the whole squadron gets an outing:

Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon 3:


Where it belongs

Cannondale SuperSix Evo Black Inc Nano:


Full Stealth mode

Cannondale CAAD10


Alu that confuses itself with Carbon #Aluminati

Santa Cruz Hightower CC 29er


Big monster trucking Hightower Power

Focus Izalco Max Disc


Herr Piggy – DN Colour approved… And that’s about all

*Gone but not forgotten… The Retired fleet of DN hero machinery*

Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon 2 – Sadly now retired after many missions to make way for the 3



Santa Cruz Tallboy 2 Carbon 29er:


Frakenbike – A Bandito machine trying to be a trail bike? No one is quite sure…

Specialized Demo 8 Carbon:


Cannondale Scalpel 29er Ultimate – Thankfully SOLD off… Adios Cannondale MTB!


First looks are deceiving…

Cannondale SuperSix Evo team – Now retired after 3 years of missions:

Team issue

Team issue

Santa Cruz Bullit – Sadly now retired… This thing was a legend! 

Locked and loaded...

Locked and loaded…

Santa Cruz Heckler – Sadly now retired…

Dirty, but not a Nomad...

Dirty, but not a Nomad…