Happy weekend mofo’s! Unless of course you live somewhere that now has air quality officially listed as “Very Unhealthy”, as in: No riding… If you are stuck in such a scenario, then perfect timing to sit around inside watching more Dirty Videos. And, like a Gnar pimp, I happen to have just what you need.

I did initially think about rolling together Day 1 and 2 from Zona Zero into one video, but then realised that aside from the fact that no one has the attention span for 9 minute videos any more, there was just too much goodness to condense it down to a single Shredit.

Day two was famous for that amazing lake, which forced me to unleash inspirational music, as well as infamous for my complete surrender to man flu which saw me having to push my bike out for a second day in a row. Behold the radness of the worlds biggest uplifts:

A slight improvement on the hairy chesty footage there, mainly due to the fact that I had the straps pulled so tight it actually made me want to vomit. Check out those Gnar fields, the ZZ does not fuck about when it comes to bringing you natural trail to test the skills.

Speaking of skills, respect to Sven Martin in there, constantly making something out of nothing and looking light on the bike the whole time. As we say, the really good riders always look like they’re floating and he spent most of the time looking like he was on an MF hover board.

Next up in the Spanish Dirty Video Saga – Something completely different, the Ainsa village prologue… Stay tuned!

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