Tired of the usual practice/eat/sleep/race scenario? Luckily then the good Spanish folk had just the answer to shake things up, by throwing in some urban prologue action through Ainsa the day before the EWS race.

Whilst some people gave zero fucks about this little blat through town, as it didn’t count towards the race, it was still a unique way to kill time on a Friday afternoon. Full respect to the organiser for the epic amount of faffing they had to go through to set this up. Its not every day you get to get amongst this kind of scenario.

No soundtrack here then, just the raw sounds of Ainsa and Spanish fans loving the fuck out of Mountain Biking invading their ancient alleyways for an afternoon:

Yeah… So not exactly the raddest style ever there, but thank fuck Sven’s photo made things look a lot more impressive than they really were, especially with my epic cunting of the berm at the start. Good times. At least we got to sift about like drunk stalkers to watch the PRO’s rip it up a bit.

With the Prologue sorted, it was time to get amongst the racing on banger Spanish trails in the ZZ… Watch this space as the Dirty video epic rolls on like a content tsunami.

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