Back in Singapore, again… This is becoming a theme. But, to be fair, if you have to base yourself out of a hub, this one is pretty handy. I have 4 days basically to get sorted and recover before I hit the ANA flight on Thursday night to Tokyo! Full briefing coming later this week…

In some sad news, its time to say goodbye to the old and trusty friend, the Bullit. It has been sold whilst I was in Italy and is now gone from the stables:

The final Bullit...

The final Bullit…

The Bullit was 4 years old, which in human years makes it about 95, so it was time to make way in the line up for next years V10c project.

I hate selling bikes and to be honest, would have liked to have kept this one as its the LAST of the bullits and it had massive sentimental value in terms of both trips to Whistler… So hard to let it depart the squad. Ideally I would never sell a bike, but I never want to end up one of those weird collector people, these things need to be ridden. I couldn’t see a scenario where I would ride the Bullit again, so unfortunately its thanks for the awesome times and goodbye.

The Stelvio in motion

I am the first to admit that videos of road riding are, well, fucking boring to be blunt… Unless its PRO level action or a major crit stack. As such, videoing a climb is probably the slowest possible way to go. But, I have condensed down 2 hours and 15 mins of grind into this 5 min clip with lots of variety, so focus on the music and scenery if you have 5 mins you want to vaporise:

If you aren’t bored senseless after that, then here is 3 mins or so of the Mortirolo, an even slower process:

I will be posting up some footage from riding around Varese later this week, purely for the scenery aspects and not for the riding excitement… Fair to say Whistler produces better video material!

Now I need to dodge some thunderstorms to try and get out for a ride!

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