Well, its only Tuesday, but its been a dose of variety since getting back… Aside from trying to adjust back to the SEA time zone, I have been beavering away on iMovie and Vimeo (got my technique down and everything) to bring some more thrilling road riding video to life.

Now, remember – Its key to focus on the scenery and hopefully enjoy the tunes that accompany these cuts. I have tried to keep them as snappy as possible… Here is Video #1, from that EPIC day of intrepidness where I set out from Varese and smashed the comfort zone perimeter to pieces (AKA a normal ride for most people):

And yes, the second song in that video does have some relevance… Now is the time to be creating stories to tell. And, to follow up, here is 6 hours of riding condensed down into 5 minutes… That is about the limit I think:

Last few days have seen a nice road ride around here, with the exploring bug having bitten I have taken to riding down roads I have never ridden down before… With some good results:

Almost looking Italian... Almost...

Almost looking Italian… Almost…

Its too easy to get into robot training mode and bypass roads on the same routes you always ride out of sheer compliance to a regime, so good to mix it up. I am also drawn to sections with minimal traffic as it took about 5 mins riding back here to remind me that Italian drivers are really special, as opposed to the drivers here who are special needs.

This morning saw a welcome return to the MTB, a good session with Das Wolf in attendance on the new Bukit Timah MTB track (well, 1/4 of it is new, its a work in progress), which is a significant upgrade on the previous set up. I always love getting to the halfway point on the BT loop:

As tranquilo as it gets...

As tranquilo as it gets…

The Wolf, trying to fit into sheeps clothing again:

"Nobody makes me bleed my own blood"

“Nobody makes me bleed my own blood”

Just a quick update today as I need to get my shit sorted in the 2 days I have left before its back to Changi and off to Japan, stay tuned for the mission briefing…

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