If you had asked me on Sunday afternoon as I was picking La Thuile Loam from my helmet and nose what my future EWS plans were, there is a good chance I would have been too busy filling in my media credentials application form for future rounds to answer.

I had been crushed by Gnarzilla… I was busy trying to work out if I was more disgusted by eBikes or my own riding skills. Did I need an ENDURO style 29er now? Was that the problem? Was it because I didn’t wear goggles with my faux-full face helmet? The ENDURO self flagellation went on well into the weeks post the event.

But then I started to see the videos of the Race… And that everyone, except Richie Rude, had their own struggles and battles at some point over that weekend of Alpine onslaught. Watching that video and then making the below exceedingly non-PRO version resulted in one feeling coming through – I need MORE.

I will caveat that with saying I would like some coaching first, but the fever of being thrashed into 208th place (on a good weekend) still remains. P.S – Pass me a fucking Hightower ASAP.

I’ve done a weird mash up for the EWS La Thuile Dirty Video, of course we weren’t allowed to ride with Go PRO’s in the race (a rule casually applied to actual PRO’s), so its a splice up of practice and race action to give a flavour for all the stages. And yes, there’s more fisting going down here than in Angela Merkel’s private video collection.

So grab some popcorn, freshen your crotch and indulge in the non-PRO version of the La Thuile EWS weekend:

To be noted, the second song is a tribute to the fact that every time I was back in the pits it seemed to be one of the 5 songs on repeat across the 4 days. Indeed you will note, its as Euro as fuck.

A big thanks to RJ for staring as the ‘Probe Droid’ in this vid, especially on Stage 5 where he was deployed to confirm how treacherous conditions were. As it turned out, the answer was ‘Quite’.

I will be chained to an overheating MacBook for the next week or so as I try and pump out the remaining Italian Dirty video action, next up will be Pila of course, with enough brake bump motion sickness to make you hurl into your breakfast. Stay tuned!

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