I’m in that twilight zone scenario where the two awesome days shredding at Pila Bike park, in the heart of the Aosta Valley of goodness, feels a lifetime ago, instead of a mere 4 weeks.

Perhaps its because there has been two EWS rounds since then, firstly in La Thuile before the ENDURO circus moved on to Aspen in the U.S. Or perhaps its the carbon copy of days back in the #cHub… Or maybe because I’ve been back in Road mode for what’s coming next?

When I was slicing this sweet Pila Shredit together however, it did remind me what an excellent couple of days it was – The trails, the weather, the people, the whole set up was a banger way to start a trip. Sure, day 1 had a bit of Helicopter induced bad karma about it, but when day 2 rolled around with its PRO infusion, it was always going to end up a classic. As a result the shredit is clearly heavily skewed with that in mind:

I totally get how much the chesty cam footage is going to give you motion sickness, but I had some pretty fucking compelling reasons for ramming a good amount in here:

  • To show how under the pump I was in my hapless attempts to try and keep up with Katy Winton
  • To showcase the radness & roughness of Pila’s finest braking bumps
  • To drive people insane enough that someone starts a Kickstarter campaign to get me a Gimbal once and for all to stop this shit from happening.

You can also use the end of this video to finally convince yourself that YOU also need an ENDURO specific 29er in your life, I know I have! #wherethefuckismyhightower

Massive chur to Katy and Greg for being rad to run laps with. If you’ve never been to Pila, get it on the list for your next mission. However, stay tuned for the sequel to this Dirty Video where I busted out of the park rat zone and into the Natural action, that’s up next in the Dirty Italian video trilogy.

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