So the first two Dirty Videos from the #R14QT mission had a little bit of experimenting in them, but its time to take things up a notch. Yes, we may well still be a looong way off from a proper media house edit, but finally I am starting to shrug off the ‘one shot, one trail’ approach and after painstakingly putting together this gnar jigsaw puzzle, I’m able to drop this super sick shredit right in your grill (its actually impossible to keep a straight face whilst saying that out loud):

Yes, a crowd (of three) favourite coming down from the top of the bike park in qTown. It may not be as crazy gnarly as Ants or World Cup, but for speed, fun and some trickiness that made you think twice, the Vertigo into Thingamygig combo was an absolute winner for getting to the mid point.

The only trick was that a full commitment run down Thingamygig to really nail it ended up being relatively taxing, with a high fatigue factor. But fuck it silly if it wasn’t seriously good times.

Enjoy the new angles, more to come from the shrediting room at the DN Media House.

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