The EuroVideo tour rolls on… And on… And today, UP. Yes, leaving behind the sweet dirt of Finale, it was time to get Alpine on it and hit some peaks north of the 2000m mark in the final freshen up before Trans Provence.

Big Alpine Day was a total contrast to all the riding at that point on the EuroEnduro mission and Greg the Guide nailed it. Weather to harden me up, some big climbing meters, the all important portage and then a ripping raw alpine descent the perfect ingredients to round out the TP prep. He even managed to throw in some wildlife along the way (we did actually soar with eagles) to keep it as nature as fuck. Check it:

A much shorter edit today, plus as a test I’m not really sure the handlebar mounted Go PRO gets a pass mark… Probably good on sweet pumice berms and terrain, but in the raw alpine environment where you have to take your lumps, it’s definitely struggled a bit.

With Big Alpine Day under the belt, there was one final test ahead of TP, so stay tuned for the Roubion ENDURO massacre shredit coming up next.

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    • Dirty Nomad

      I know, slipped a bit on that one… Not up to the usual German porn standards


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