Righto! At last I have got my act together and have managed to churn out the first Dirty edit from the Japanese Alps mission. My original plan was to do one video, but there was so much goodness its time to break it up and surf the wave of awesomeness as long as possible.

So… To start with we have the first 3 days of riding purely in the Alpine region of Norikura. I have condensed 19 hours of riding and untold hours of faffery into 7.28 of feel good dirty flick action. Yes, its long, but its rammed with variety… Aside from the camera angle. Enjoy:

Soak it up… It was very hard to do this video and not get a massive pang of missing the epic Japan Alps set up. Love that shit… So watch this space for the Fuji video to come. Some credits in the mean time:

  • Awesome course design: The Maniacal tour Hawk
  • KOM destruction: Welsh Assassin
  • General climbing prowess: The Little People
  • Artistic filming: Dirty “Where the fuck is he?” Nomad
  • Soundtrack: DJ Assassin

Get Japan on the travel list ASAP… Golden location.

2 Responses

  1. Josie

    And his max heart rate was only 154 bpm??? Have you checked whether he is really a cyborg James?

    • dirtynomad

      He’s a metal endoskeleton surrounded by Rapha skin… We prefer the term ‘Segmentator’, Cyborg sounds so harsh…


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