For those of you that are positive and like video’s, lets start with something fun… Another montage of MTB action, but this time a real mash up from Eskdale, Te Horo and Makara. Get your daily dose of variety here:

The only annoying thing about these videos is that the native footage off the Go PRO H3+ is SO freak show good that its almost a crime how it looks on Vimeo. There is a 95% chance this is because I don’t have a clue what i’m doing, so feedback is welcomed.

Ride 12? Well… Lets say it didn’t quite pan out as planned. Being in Welly on a sunny Wednesday means you’re pretty much a gimp if you don’t join the boys for the smashfest that is Welly Wednesday Worlds, as pervious seen here on DN: Welly Wednesday Worlds or if you like video instead, this was a popular clip: WW Video action.

What you don’t expect to happen are the following:

  • Turn up busting for a piss and realising you’re just going to have to suck it up for an hour, even if it feels like you only have a maximum range of 5 minutes
  • A quarter of the way into the ride, when you throw down your first attack your chain skips over the top of your big ring and jams in your crank… WTF
  • As you’re pulling over and avoiding getting rammed to fuck by 30 fellow pumped up and rabid lunch time racers, someone calls out the most embarrassing words you can hope to hear: “Your underseat pack has come loose”, and there it is, dangling down like the turd accessory it is. I don’t like underseat packs at ALL, but there is no denying their versatility for training

So, with the faint aroma of cuntery filling my nostrils as the Peloton vaporising into the distance while I fumbled around sorting my shit, it was time to limp to the toilet bent over and then cruise home… The advantage of course was getting some more scenery shots in, because fuck, there hasn’t been enough of that happening in the summer tour has there?


Bet thats heaps cold in there eh?

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