Whilst I’m busy faffing around making the next wave of Shredits, it felt appropriate to regurgitate some radness from others like a digital lemming… And its turned out to have a distinctly French flavour to it. So, almost as good as having croissants for breakfast for 10 days in a row, here are some vids that are worth stopping your day for and indulging in for a bit, fuck, its almost Friday so why not?

First of all, this is what it looks like to be French and to be having a fuuuucking good time in Rots when its dry, which is to say, any week prior to me arriving in town with my rain curse. This clip explains why I’m obsessed with getting in there when its bone dry, as its enough to give you a full Dirt bone…

Moving to something VERY different… I’m not sure if this is cool as such, but its so out there its worth a watch. I’m pretty sure not many people have been this fast in a car, so to see it going down fucking fast on a bike is eyebrow raising to say the least. Only in France:

Ok, so this last one isn’t French per se, but its IN France for a good portion of it, plus, its the MF Santa Cruz Syndicate, so a MUST WATCH basically, set to HD and enjoy:

Stay tuned for fresh Dirty Shredits in the pipeline…

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