Its BACK! Thanks to the sell out (of stock, not principles… Well, not yet and there aren’t a lot of those to be fair), the second batch of Dirty Nomad Road kit has arrived! For those of the tarmac persuasion, this is your latest chance to get Dirty on it.

Perhaps you’ve realised that fuck, it IS uncool to ride PRO kit when you aren’t actually contracted to Team Sky, or perhaps you’re over wearing gear that has now has its branding ruined by people that like to stretch its stylishly cut angles with their Exec level girth, whilst they busily regurgitate some epic BS comparing cycling to golf… Whatever your reason to hit new kit, you can find salvation here, unless you’re a cunt – If you need to self diagnose this, a quick check to see if you own a Cannondale Scalpel will usually confirm if this is the case.

Brought to you by the stylish hand/wing of the Global Design Hawk from the Niseko Creative dojo and then crafted to life by the Swiss wizards at Cuore, there are some subtle but golden changes to the second round of road gear (marketing translation: If you have a set, you clearly need a second…):

  • Slight design change to the knicks with DN logo placement, new global collective logo on the front of the leg a golden touch from the Hawk:

Strict policy adherence

  • Revised fabric pattern on the jersey, still that hot honeycomb in nature, but a slight tweak to the pattern itself
  • Best of all: A surprise – Cuore love the rapid development action, so the new shorts have a revised Chamois in them and after one ride I can proclaim that its genuinely awesome and Assos level shit. Stoked. Word up on the new chamois: “The new MS2 Chamois (Yellow) was developed with the IAM boys in particular Martin Elminger” Fucking there you have it, PRO as fuck! Martin clearly knows a thing or two about shorts…

Super pumped with the new Chamois

Not to oversell it, but I was pretty happy with the chamois in the first round of kit, so the double surprise of a new one and it being even better is a win/win.

And now a quick reminder of what the kit would look like if I had the same chassis as the greatest actor that has ever lived: Mark Wahlberg…





The knicks have had a slight update as per the above pic, but aside from that and the chamois are pretty much as Dirty as ever:


Even the shorts get a PRO photo shoot


Dirty stamp

For the low down and all the ins and outs of getting amongst the Dirty Swiss goodness, hit this link here and for sweet fucks sake: Take the sizing chart seriously. Yes, this stuff is aero tight, which makes you feel like a PRO, but if you’re nervous about tightness then A) don’t move to Asia and B) perhaps go a size up.

I’ve got stock across all sizes, with the big question this time still to be confirmed: Can we get the Dok’s guns into the XXL Jersey? Stay tuned…

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