You can tar me with the lazy brush on this one, but I’ve finally gotten off my hairy ass to produce the Trans NZ Dirty Video! I was staring down the barrel of a deluge of material, so sifting my way through it to pick out the best of a weeks worth of ENDUROgasim wasn’t an easy ask.

What’s come dribbling out the tip is the longest Dirty Movie I’ve ever produced funnily enough… Breaking all my own rules in the process. But, in my defence 5 days of mind melting NZ scenery and rad trail packed into 11 minutes and 46 seconds ends up passing quicker than you think.

So, head to the shitter if you’re at work (with head phones, you’ll enjoy the tunes) or lock the kids/dogs in the laundry, take a break from the pHub and enjoy a solid week of ENDUROlyfe, where every day has banger weather, mint trail and good cunts (hit that HD view for good times):

I did try to mix that up as much as possible, considering there was no Go PRO footage from CP or Alex (melt down), you were saved considerable additional motion sickness as well.

If you were stroking your ENDURO beard and considering TNZ for 2017, then hopefully this was the final tickle that will make you lose your wad of cash on it, how can anyone say no to that weather, those trails and the whole mint set up? Now get busy on the WhatsApp group getting your GC’s together for next year!

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