Back in business with the next Dirty Shedit to roll off the production line. To be honest, less emphasis on the ‘shred’ part today, as you will see, it was a much tamer outing on this particular day.

Yes, a Dirty Day Trip across to Wanaka to check out two of the most talked about trails that people mention when you say the W word. Bearing in mind this was a day off and I made like a total fucking pig at lunch, these trails were spot on for what was needed that day.

Whilst the radness dial was dialled down, the scenery action was cranked up a bit, so today’s viewing is about lapping up some Wanaka goodness and enjoying the soundtrack, which is slightly more chilled to reflect the mood that day:

To be noted my version of Deans Bank not quite as good as the Mr Leov shredfest, hence why he’s PRO on the EWS and I just spend my days yearning for another crack at it.

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