I will openly, happily and readily take the piss out of triathletes… Not only is it in the cyclist code of conduct to do so, but with their one piece suits, tiny little socks and overly structured training plans (ever tried to get a triathlete to have a post ride coffee?), there is also ample ammo to be pumping their way in the Mickey taking business.

But, this year there has been a strange phenomenon… COOL mofos have started to do Tri’s. Don’t worry, not just any Tri’s like shitty Olympic distance races, but the macfuckingdaddy of Tri’s – Ironman.

First up it was the Panther and Alley cat in March taking on Ironman NZ and smashing it like a fat Piñata that was gagging to be beaten of its goodies… Then the iHawk shut the door with his epic sub 10 hour debut in Ironman Japan and now, to round out the Iron season, T Tap has taken on the holy grail of these epic events, knocking off Kona in his Ironman debut last weekend!

Whilst we all have automatic permission and healthy encouragement to stick our fingers in the ears of Triathletes and hide their gear in transition (or just tie their laces together etc before the run leg), the Ironman event absolutely demands some respect without question. As such, today’s dirty shout out goes to T Tap who picked the Grand Master of Ironman events to break his cherry. This is where the iHawk will be next year, with Dirty Nomad on the scene to report semi-live, start the countdown. In the mean time, respect the effort from Kona:


Riding out with some Lava for company… Looks a tad warm…

Tonza did it in style aboard a P5, if you’re going to suffer all day then you may as well have good shit to do it with… Yes, I am ignoring the swim and run legs here given swimming has no kit and running is just a fucker:


Riding back with sea views, although it appears not a lot of time available to enjoy them! Check the FOCUS!

I can vaguely relate to what this feeling must be like… Any time you cross a finish line its an awesome feeling, but it would have been amplified given it was Kona Ironman and you’ve just out sprinted some dude who was clearly gagging to beat you, feel it:


“Fuck yes, I am going to beat this little mofo who has the worlds worst running style!”

Big ups Tony, it takes balls to do an Ironman, let alone having Kona as your first… Not an easy way to break oneself in!

Meanwhile at DN Global HQ Hub – I am doing sweet FA and trying to beat some fatigue that I think has set in due to my self induced poorly planned training and travelling regime… I can see the onset of digging a hole to which my form would fall into, so time to pull back and focus on quality over quantity on the riding front! This time in two weeks I will have just finished a 13km TT to kick off 5 Passes!! Count down is ON.

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  1. Diana

    Well, I enjoyed the Sunday ride through Singapore even if you didn’t. It’s a million miles away from the classroom I’m about to be incarcerated in this Monday morning! It makes me wish I had a bike…and was pedalling at high speed in the other direction. Thanks for the escapism…I love it. Hope your form picks up.


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