Well, with the 100th post having more fever than Len Brown at Friday night drinks, its hard to back it up when I am currently just training hard(ish) for 5 Passes and Tour of Bintan. This week has all been about getting a big BLOCK in and so far its been pretty good… Until today that is!

Managed to knock off 100km’s on Tuesday with 2 x 20 min Time Trial efforts thrown in (suffer). The only thing I like about intervals and vomit inducing efforts is that its an awesome excuse to drink coke:


What’s happened to real cans?

And, to break up the week we had Hambo drop by for a reunion ride. He’s popped over from HK with his BMC for the week, so it was good to hit the road and catch up… Love a good shit talking coffee ride:


The full ASSOS porn photo shoot with Hambo modelling the Eurotrash summer line

Today’s effort was a blow out… I went out to do some high intensity intervals on Faber and ended up crawling around like a fat dog with no back legs. Just shagged basically, so mystified as to what is going on really. Not how I really want to be going two weeks out from racing, so time for a rethink on the plan for the next fortnight! Any suggestions welcome.

The raddest thing I have seen this week? Well, I did 8 days of riding in Whistler in July and was flogged out… So, how about 57? Yeah… Holy fuck is right, but that’s what Adam Billinghurst did in absolute legend style, what does 57 days riding in the park get you? only 1 million vertical feet of descending!! Insane, check it:

By comparison, my 8 days in July netted me 88,000 feet of vertical descending, so to match what this legend did would have taken me 90 days, so, in other words: Physically impossible for me and my T Rex arms:


You can fuck right off, these arms are good for a week max buddy…

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