Well… What an extremely boring but busy week… I am so used to traveling with my bike now that it turns out there is little left to prepare for Spain and as such, its been a grind through shithouse little jobs and running around.

Compounding this dragging week: Constant rain and Rest week. Usually on a rest week I will still ride 2 days easy, but this week has been a big zero due to the epic rain that has been smashing down non stop. Actually, the worst of it was reserved for today – Moving day. Murphy’s law blah blah etc etc.

The Crown men did their job and by the end of Thursday, Nomad HQ was fully Evaced… The one thing remaining? Yip, the Wifi… I intend to suck every last KB out of Singtel:

Massively nude

Massively nude

Is this my most boring post ever? Yes, guilty… Nothing really about travel or bikes, but, on the topic of bikes the Black Ops Evo is looking sensational and in tip top form for its European debut and first real HC Cols (we shall exclude Genting from its CV for obvious reasons).

So, off to Spain at Midnight on Saturday, where I have calculated that I am looking at a 25 hour trip door to door, which includes 2 flight legs, 3 separate train trips and a car ride to reach the hotel. That has the potential to be a mission, but, it will see us slap bang into the middle of the Vuelta and THAT is worth the pain! Should also significant raise the bar on material to write about…

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