Well, its been a quiet few days as I have been doing basically nothing due to my epic failed training session on Thursday. Yip, 2 days to kick it before having a crack at Crazies today was the plan. I could tell I needed a bit of rest, but after today I am now wondering if I need a WHOLE lot more rest.

Crazies is the Singapore version of Wednesday Worlds, which you may remember from one of the more popular posts and videos I’ve done (https://www.dirtynomad.com/2013/08/21/www-welly-wednesday-worlds/ AND https://www.dirtynomad.com/2013/08/30/a-lesson-in-contrasts-two-very-different-wednesdays/). It follows the same format each Sunday – Turn up at 8.30am and smash it to pieces over the same 50km course each week.

Its FULL gas, no waiting and is essentially the hardest group ride you can do in Singapore. Its also the best way to get a tune up before races, given its race pace. I’ve won it once and usually can hold on until the end… Except for the last 2 Sundays in a row. Last week I felt like I had an excuse, but today was totally mystifying as to what is going on. It didn’t help of course that the OCBC Pro-Contintential team (AKA the Droid Army) turned up on their TT bikes to smash the place to pieces again:


“Ha ha, we are PRO and you are not… well, you sort of are, but we get free bikes and stuff”

Rather than me describe my demise, why not watch it here as I get vaporised appallingly early into a ride I usually manage to be part of right to the end:

So, as this points out, the form that I had in Spain and to a large extent in the UAE has now mysteriously vaporised ahead of the two biggest races of the year… Am I super fucked off? Yes… what to do about it? No clue other than to rest, which unfortunately is counter intuitive to what my brain wants to do, but my only realistic option I think. Its mega frustrating having form when no races are on and then reversing that when they arrive.

The next place I move to it will be a massive pre-requisite that there are LOTS of races on ALL the time so that I can avoid this once in a blue moon BS… In fact, I want to race a series… Road and MTB!!! For those of you that take the plentiful racing scene for granted in your city, get out there and race or marshall to support it – Like most things in life you won’t appreciate it until you don’t have it!

Dirty shout out time – On a more uplifting note, awesome work by the Rivet Racing boys over the weekend in the Wellington Capital Cycles Cup Race #3, in a stacked and large A Grade field. The lads rode like a Pro team and managed to get Angus home in 5th place, a massive result given the field included actual Pro’s such as Mr J Cooper and all of Wellington’s finest. Great job and awesome form ahead of 5 Passes team!

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