Flashback time… This was so many weeks ago now, that there could be an argument made about relevancy of spamming out Dirty Video footage of the early days of EuroEnduro at this point. But, the riding was rad and I clearly have fuck all else to do in the cHub, so here we go on another movie marathon. Of course, it all kicks off with Sospel!

Sospel is the sort of place that Jason Bourne would have gone to when he arrived at port if he had thought about ENDURO instead of finding that weird microchip thing rammed into him. Yes, its Mediterranean as bro, and if you’re into dry, dusty, loose and Gnar packed trails, then make sure its on your ‘places to ride’ list.

At last, a Dirty video from Europe that actually has someone else in the footage, well, for a little bit before Davide the rad Italian guide drops the shred hammer all over me and makes his GT scream as he tortures it on that high speed French all you can eat gnar buffet… This was the definition of ‘Baptism by fire’, right from the first pedal stroke of day 1 on tour:

Ok, so I’m running out of ideas on the music front (if you have suggestions, leave a comment below), but that aside, if this doesn’t get you semi fizzing to ride in Sospel, then perhaps just don’t bother going to France and instead consider if you need some sort of chemical sex aid.

Next up in this as Euro as Fuck Dirty movie festival? 2 days of frothing in Finale, so stay tuned as the raving moves on from France to Italy.

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