I’m torn today… I am feverish to get the next Japanese Alps video out there, but its impossible to ignore what happened last night on the Tour. But, lets start with some more video frenzy action from the jAlps. This time its Mt Fuji action and the final day on tour. I had less material to work with, so its hard to follow yesterdays act:

Damn if making these Dirty Videos didn’t make me want to get on a plane and do more ASAP… Oh… Wait… thats exfuckingatly what I am going to be doing very soon! BOOOM.

Speaking of BOOM, where do you start about last night? Stage 5 of the Tour de France was watching history in the making. Sure, the cobbles were always going to be epic, but add in the rain and you had a stage that became absolutely a legend in the making. So much so it prompted the hardest man EVER in cycling, Eddy Merckx, to comment that he would have loved to have been out there. He also said what was on our mind: Nibbles has MAD skills.

Its impossible not to shower praise on Nibbles in copious amounts… What a fucking legend. He rode away from classics MASTERS! “Least experienced on the cobbles” I read on one website when they were previewing Stage 5 and the GC contenders. Well, I think his response to that was a big, bad, FUCK YOU. What a Champione:


“The Dauphne is for pussies”

What a weapon!!! Fuuuuuck I hope he can hold on, we have him Dirty tipped to win the tour and it would be significantly more awesome to see him on the top step in Paris than Cuntador or any of the others, Porte aside. There is a long way to go, but at this point, he is looking good… Stay on it Nibbles, will send you a cap if you win.

Best pic following stage 5? This was out on the wires before the stage had even finished… Its golden and probably not too far from reality:


“Ah… can’t wait to catch up with Dave on this one…”

Yes, what can you say about F-Dog? Well, not much really… First time a defending champ has pulled out since 1980. We can’t say that it was the cobbles, as the first time he saw those was when he was gliding over them in a Jag station wagon. But, looking at his interviews pre stage, he did NOT want to be doing that stage and wasn’t at all pumped, so perhaps predisposed to having a bad day? It was a day when one thing was clear:

Your power to weight ratio and your power meter meant shit – This was old school and about as hard as it gets on a bike. Hard core and needed some serious grit…

The tour is now seriously exciting, massive 2 weeks to come!

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