Everyone has their own individual perspective on Day 2 of an EWS Race. If you’re on fire and feeling the radness of smashing stages, then Day 2 is a chance to build on your shredding foundation. If you were assaulted by Day 1 and feeling slightly brutalised, then Day 2 presents you with an instant shot at redemption.

Personally I love Day 2, no matter where the race may be (Ok, so aside from Stage 5 in Finale…). Familiar with the surroundings and people around you, the build up fever has been burnt out and you’ve settled into your groove and routine. Sure, its no normal routine, but you get to indulge in a second day doing something you love, so its time to maximise and soak it up.

No matter how people felt about Day 2 heading out of the Ainsa Castle HQ, the universal factor was that awesome trails awaited us. For me, they were bookended by 2 stages that I couldn’t get to grips with, as my tentative dribbling down Stage 5 will show – An awesome case study in the canyon between PRO and amateurs.

Stage 6 however was excellent and the bottom of stage 7 was possibly some of the best riding of the trip, yeah, aside from where I had a trademarked Dirty lapse in concentration and rode a different line from practice, ending up beached as an ENDURO whale bro. So, take a break from worrying about whether or not Bacon is now trying to fuck you over and get some Amateur race action up in YO grill:

So, after 15 minutes of Dirty Amateur POV, which if you made it through all that then I owe you a hairy and slightly sweaty embrace that goes on for 16 seconds longer than you’d like, I thought that it would be best to contrast that with the PRO version. And I mean PRO across all aspects, riding and production. Here’s EWS Spain from quite a different angle:

And with that hosing down, the Dirty Spanish video nut sac is spent. Another massive, gushy and retrospective thanks to Doug and the Basque MTB crew for an amazing time in the ZZ. Huge shout out as well to the GC Crew that made the lead up and race weekend one to always remember, chur team.

Watch this space, its time to trade Churros for pasta as we move to Finale for more haphazard Dirty POV action from the EWS Finals.

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