Dragged my Shimano clad heals a bit here, but finally back in the EWShredit zone with Part 2 from practice in Rotorua. Back in business with EWS Stages 4 & 5 coming direct…

Wait… Hold up, where the fuck is Stage 3?

Yeah… about that, you see the day I rode it early on in the week in Rots the weather was so bad that running a camera would have been about as useful as watching a Giro stage on a fixie. Of course I then gave 3 a swerve in official practice (dumbass call) and didn’t run the gPRO on race day, so end result is no footage.

What sort of website is this FFS? Terrible behaviour missing a stage out I know and it would be a poor reflection of my journalistic integrity, aside from the fact I never had any to start with and this isn’t really journalism… Well, given the current state of that industry we’re actually not that far off.

Right, I digress horrendously – Lets get back on track with four and five. I’ve let a couple of shit editing bits slip in I’m afraid, but that jarring is a reflection of how even though the terrain looks soft, it wasn’t always…

Stage 4 was a lot of fun and definitely one of the few where I felt like I was actually racing and not just surviving.

Stage 5, well, as Dan the PRO said before knocking himself out, it was a bit ‘Fiddly’. Pleased to say that even though in practice I muffed the race line into the tricky section, on race day I nailed the right line and then the whole cunty root section after it by sticking the right line… Just without a shred of evidence. And no, I didn’t dream that shit, it happened… For real eh.

Only part 3 to come now! Thank fuck I hear you say, yup, you get some time off motion sickness before EuroENDURO kicks off.

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