Far out… been a while since I’ve had the chance to smear a Dirty Shredit all over the net! In fact, the last time I put up a Dirty flick was the Perth ENDURO. So, with a nice symmetry to it, the first vid of 2015 is Perth, with a serious ENDURO bent to it.

For such an illustrious occasion I have therefore only gone top shelf – Yup, the rad Super Saturday Sequel with the boys on PMT Day 3. Day 1 and 2 were laced with turd like connotations and riding, so it made sense to only focus on Day 3.

First of all I had to remember how to actually edit one of these things, then have a pitched battle with the Vimeo uploader, which seemed to be hating on my Shithub connection. But, with those minefields navigated, buckle up for some motion sickness on how it looks to take on Sam Hills backyard:

Yes its true, I broke many of my own rules for making one of these I’m afraid, I’ll put it down to being rusty. I’m also not that stoked with the quality, even after much back and forth with Vimeo support, so that piece of research continues!

What the vid does do though is set the scene quite nicely for what comes next this week… Stay tuned!

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