Today is a BIG day in the MTB world… People have been waiting for this day since October last year! Yes, the queuing began at midnight last night even… Massive crazy fever, foaming at the mouth and that sweet taste of anticipation burning the senses has been firing up shredders globally.

No, its not another clearance sale at the Wolf’s Wonderful Wheel Emporium, but a close second in terms of excitement levels, its Opening Day at Whistler! No shit, people were actually queuing up here since midnight last night to snag the first lift of the new season riding at the centre of the universe when it comes to lift assisted shred action:


Normal business is resuming…

Yes, its back ON and very soon billions of gigabytes of Go PRO footage will be making its way from the side of the mountain directly to our grills to get people pumped to come and ride here. As I said earlier this week, its a strange place in terms of calling out to you to make the pilgrimage, whilst at the same time you know its going to scare you shitless (possibly in your armoured shorts) when you’re there.

Yes, its going to hammer your arms, body, legs and soul in ways you never thought possible and I say that with the assumption you don’t go down hard at some stage. However, on the flip side it will also give you thrills and feelings that will change you as a rider forever. The commute to work is also pretty good to be fair:


Sigh… the daily grind…

As I may have mentioned last year during the Shredpocalypse, if you’re serious about your Mountain Biking you need to come here at least once in your life, even if it means utilising a devil rental bike… Let it scare you, let it scar you and absolutely let it leave that indelible mark on your life as an experience that is hard to recreate anywhere else on this planet. This shot says it all really, except for how fast this section is, to the point that I forgot to keep breathing:


Just hold on little arms… One more run…

I also decided to go back and have a quick look at last years final mash up Dirty video, after all, Whistler was the first certified Dirty Nomad Mission, almost 12 months ago now (can’t wait for our first birthday celebration) and I noted a couple of things:

  • Thank fuck I upgraded to the Go PRO Hero 3+
  • Holy shit my editing skills were dreadful back then
  • Mega far the fuck out its boring watching long sequences from one camera angle – Short cuts from multiple angles is the new king

See what I mean if you can cope with watching a Shredit that is waaaay too long by our new standard:

Good news? Well, planning is highly advanced for Shredpocalypse II, yes, the sequel is in the works with the Dirty Demo and some excellent characters signing on for starring roles, so watch this space… The call of the mountain is only going to get stronger as the videos and reports start to flow from the MTB Mecca… Get booking people!

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