Some may have noticed (probably unlikely though) a menu change recently announcing in an oh so subtle way (that no one would even notice) the arrival of the new wave of Dirty Nomad apparel. I respect that it wasn’t covered in the latest Rapha newsletter, but whilst we have the same quality levels, the styling is a touch different. This time our studio has gone beyond the ‘anyone can do that’ T shirts into caps and hoodies:


Caps sourced from the FBI SWAT team

And, who else to model the new gear other than Ango, our mildly willing/slightly coerced Dirty model. He’s been working hard since his debut shoot with the T shirts, this time working in an appropriate prop and going for the look away au naturale look:


“Yeah… Just been railing some ruts you know… Time to…”

I will be honest, my logistical and payment processes are infantile to the point of being foetus like, so its going to be hit and miss in terms of distribution and Dirty Apparel being a commercial winner to start with. But, I do have to sell this latest batch, so no freebies this time I’m afraid gang, unless you’re REALLY fucking good at lap dances… That’s more of a challenge than you think, I am a retired connoisseur/VIP member.

Pricing – Yes, its a variable pricing model, so to give you a flavour its somewhere in this range for the hoodies:

  • DN legend – Meaning you’ve done something directly to keep us in business/mildly interesting: POA
  • Mass market – For the 4 of you that follow regularly, its $90 SGD
  • For cunts – Not the good ones either: $700 to $1250 depending on your malfunction, just pretend its LV with a funky logo and you’ll be sweet

To show its versatility, Ango gives us a display of using Dirty Apparel in a more niche way – The home invasion. Every good burglary needs a selfie. We’re doing balaclavas next run:


“That DVD player looks choice eh”

Coming soon to a mission near you…

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