On the cusp of what though? That’s the question for today… And what prompted this question? Well, I love a good dose of planning and when I was fettling with the Dirty Calendar this evening I sat back, looked at the next two months and then let out a long, sweet and deep fuuuuuuuck…. Why is that?

Well, appears through circumstance and perhaps an overzealousness to maximise, I am looking at this in the next 8 weeks:

  • 8 trips – Granted, 2 are for ‘work’…
  • 11 different countries – Some twice
  • 20 flights
  • 96,538 km’s in the air – Fuck knows how many on the ground via car/bus(cunt)/train/riding
  • DN turns ONE! Happy Birthday shit talking blog
  • Possibly I turn mid something something – Get together, one large Black Carbon Nomad 3 please
  • 1 very hard road race (oh yay)
  • A lot of shredding
  • Fuck knows how many gels, but if you can work that out, then multiply by 10 for a gas reading

Yes… assume all goes according to plan, that’s how rabid the next 8 weeks are. Suspect its not going to be great for my road riding prowess (aside from the first riding trip) and its going to look a lot like this repeatedly:


Rinse and repeat… And repeat… And repeat some more etc

So, on the cusp of what? Madness? Adventure? Excitement? Transit boredom? Exhaustion? Time zone fingering? Awesome times? Radness?

In the end I suspect its going to be a buffet of all of those and a whole lot more. It appears there won’t be a lot of down time, so don’t be offended if I am slow to respond to whatsapp messages (by slow I mean more than 1 minute). I hope you can continue to tune in for a crazy 8 weeks that all kicks off from this weekend onwards.

We’re cranking the NoMADness into the big chain ring and putting our head down… Stay tuned.

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4 Responses

  1. Josie

    Oh what a disappointment. I started reading this, saw the “8 trips – 11 different countries” and though – shit – I need to get a coffee and settle in for some good reading and high levels of jealousy. But then…..left hanging. Let down.

    • dirtynomad

      It’s called building anticipation mGirl… Which is to say, when I finally drop the hammer on some trips, that sweet jealousy is going to feel OH so deep… Yeah…


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