Up until now on the Dirty Gear front it had been ALL Road… So much ranting and raving about the road kit, which no question has exceeded even my expectations as to how it turned out. But somehow it seemed incongruent with the Year of ENDURO upon us. With MEGA March just around the corner, EWS and TP not long after, it was time to get cracking on balancing the scales.

While custom road kit seems to be the thing you do these days, MTB gear is slightly more niche, thus I had to turn to science for a solution. Once again, it delivered, with Herr Doktor hunting down the perfect option to allow for getting the Dirty ENDURO freak on.

Whilst there has been a bit of faffery with various nuances of a new supplier that didn’t want to ship outside the US (yes, there are other countries gang), I am SUPER stoked to announce the arrival of the DN ENDURO jersey!


Font has gone BIG, hopefully a reflection of what you’ll do when you’ve got it on…

We really needed something that was at home in Whistler, weekend shredding with the crew or any number of ENDURO races that you actually manage to get an entry for… I think that Voler have delivered the goods here, its genuinely a good piece of kit just quietly.

Yes, it looks suspiciously like the Road gear doesn’t it… Don’t worry, we had the Global Design Hawk give his blessing, soon to be seen on a SNOW bike near you soon as well. Of course, it wouldn’t be Dirty gear without THAT intriguing rear action happening…


“Ehhh, what does it say? Nah nah, what does it mean?!”

And now for some quick marketing that will mean nothing to any of us… What’s it made of you probably don’t ask? Well, allow me…

“Airies Micro Plus is constructed of 100% polyester micro denier yarns. These yarns make the fabric lightweight, providing breathability and durability, while giving the garment a soft, comfortable feel. Weight: 194g / 6.75 oz.  The fabric has superior sun protection with a UPF rating of 28+.”

All that really means is that it feels nice on your nipples. It does come with a Kim Sears level warning though, may trigger all sorts of Dirty radness and unintended consequences…


Always be specific about what sort of rim job you’re asking for… Not everyone assumes you’re talking about Enve’s

On to the important stuff then, had better make a numbered list:

1. Sizing

Ok, so the complete opposite to the road kit – This gear is looser than the goose on Saturday, as in, very roomy… Much to my horror, I’m a Small (usually I’m a medium in everything), so clearly its American sizing… Speaking of which, check in with the chart if you want to get involved:

Waist Weight Height Chest
X Small 26-29 100-120 5’5′ and under 33-35
Small 29-31 120-145 5’4′ to 5′ 8′ 35-37
Medium 32-34 145-170 5’7′ to 5’11’ 38-40
Large 35-37 170-190 5’10’ to 6’2′ 40-42
X Large 38-41 190-220 6’1′ to 6’5′ 42-44
2X Large 42-45 220-250 6’3′ and up 44-46
3X Large 46-50 250-260 6’3′ and up 46-48

Suggest you size up perhaps if you want to wear it over armour, just an FYI for all the Spec Ops personnel I know will be looking for kit.

2. Pricing and payment options

Pretty simple here – $120 AUD, plus $20 for Global Postage and its ON. Payment via Paypal or bank transfer and I’ll provide details to those that feel inclined to part with their beer money to smear themselves in the dirtiness. Which leads me to the next key point…

3. How do we get one man?

I’ve spent so much money buying ENDURO knee pads that I had to use all our embezzled funds, so forgot to save some for the classy and contemporary on-line shopping form and basket scenario, so lets keep it real and stay old school… So, Hit Me here and let me know the following:

  • Quantity
  • Sizing
  • How you want to pay (for those attempting to pay by lap dance, you have to be relatively hot)
  • Address

We’ll then act like its the late 90’s and e-mail back and forth until its all sorted. Its like internet shopping when you used to have dial up, exciting!

Not doing socks or shorts I hear you ask? Hell no on the sock front, turns out its a total mine field that brings out a special kind of rage in people… As for MTB shorts, also too hard, but if you’re into matching, might I suggest either the Troy Lee Skyline short or the POC Flow short, seem the colour was almost made to be? #sofuckingendurorightnow to match it up… And then match your wheels to your kit, get busy with the unnecessary spending!



Its not ENDURO unless everything matches

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