BOOM – Out of Strayla and back into NZ to start phase 2 of Dirty Mega March! Kicking it in Melbourne a good way to shake off the Buller beat down that my legs had been subjected to. Thanks to The Teacher for having me to stay in Melbourne as well, the combined radness of the DN Global Collective making life super easy, once again proving that its the people that make all the difference.

Have to say its a weird one departing one country on a mission and heading to another one to continue rocking on as opposed to returning to base, weird and as you’d expect, expensive. However, pleased to report that I’m 2-0 up on excess charge reamings, slipping out of a $120 charge x 2 at the airport… Just said I was “Fucken full ENDURO mate” and they were like “Fucken sweet” and away we go. Expect a slaying when I try and fly domestic tomorrow to qTown.

So, in Wellington for one day and with little time or motivation to go through the unpack/build/dismantle/repack process, it was time to get out for a Dirty road ride to see how the legs worked post Bootcamp. Yes, order a German gShower for me now, I know I said ‘No road on this trip cunts‘, but I also said I would never buy Enve’s, a powermeter, a Specialized or have another SHAM part on my bike either. Besides, I just had to see the DN kit debuted by our Welly Affiliate and logistics manager! Quite an occasion to see it being rocked in the home town, cap and all:


Basically Dirty Zoolander 3…

As per usual, lots of weather warnings had been thrown at me about a Southerly coming at us like a horny spidermonkey, ruining everything and making me regret the stop off etc. No such drama, just like last time, it was all good, touch wood the weather window keeps rolling this out next week down south:


Home town vibe

Also a good chance to be reunited with this rock solid piece of kit, still sporting its Return of the Gimp spacer set up from the day that I first got back on the bike. Yes, in an odd and unplanned anniversary its almost 3 months to the day since I shakily got back on this thing and creaked down the hill to complete my first road ride since having zero fun in the Philippines (#cunted). The doomsday machine still golden today:


#notenduro, but useful

What else is there to say about good weather, good coffee, great mates and the legs feeling surprisingly awesome post the Buller Bootcamp? No point in really trying to put lipstick on the hot girl next door, doesn’t need it clearly. In both cases, just sit back, enjoy it and say “mmmmm, fuck yeah“, AT sets a good example:


Doesn’t need to ask what it says on the back, basically fluent

Speaking of DN Kit debuts, Canada may be still under snow and as cold as the look you get for farting as you receive oral, but that didn’t stop Motoman, the Global Collective Affiliate, from getting his gear on and out on the track for a rip. We’ve all seen what Motoman does to jumps at Whistler, it would give one pause for thought in trying to go elbow to elbow there! Double whammy with this being the first time we’ve seen the kit on the track, get SOME:


Fucken elbows cunts

On that note, time to start repacking again, to drag 5 bags back through the airport on the way to Queenstown! Saturday looms with a 6 hour ENDURO race, yes, when you see that number the instant question arises: If you struggled with 4.5 hours mofo, how will 6 go? Stay tuned to find out…

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