Its fair to say that after a massive few months of travel and experiences, and prior to heading off again on the DN Summer Tour, that these few weeks have a slightly doldrums like feel to them. With no racing, no PRO action to watch and variable rainy season weather, there isn’t a whole lot to get feverish about. But, it is the weekend… whilst every day is a weekend here at DN Global Hub HQ, the best part about the weekend is it allows those who are still plugged into the Matrix to get out and ride for more than an hour, hoofuckingray!

Its also good to be back on the bike properly this last week, so Saturday involved heading out for a reverse Round The Island (RTI) with the Alley Cat, who decided that after 3 weeks off the bike the best way to kick start his Ironman Cairns training was to join on a Dirty 125km spin, get that man/cat a coke:


Showing his love of German rubber with the full Conti strip – Also, doesn’t look like a Triathlete, bonus

Last time I was here with the A Cat he was passing me bottles and I was having the last vestiges of my soul extinguished by the Hamburglars and PRO’s. Good times.

The one thing with downtime is that it allows for the planning of upgrades before the Summer Tour starts… Yes, the most prudent thing to do when you don’t have a fixed income is to buy new stuff! For the good of the DN readership I have started with getting a new camera:


Yes, this will really help the smartphone OCD

For those of you that have ever been to cafe with me you’ll be stoked to see the upgrade to the iPhone 5S, even less scope for talking to me now. If you’re thinking of upgrading, then DO IT… its awesome and kicks the shit out of the 4S. How is that for a quality review. Next on the menu are some obscure bike upgrades that will be declassified from the Dirty Skunk Works in due course…

Others have been busy though – Aside from our good friends at Specialized who have been hard at work getting balls deep in all sorts of controversy that has riled up the on-line town of Springfield, other people have been getting into some serious riding over the weekend as well:

Multigirl got amongst the Waipara Challenge road race in CHCH and smashed 3rd in her age group, the girls gone wild weekend on the west coast clearly paying dividends… Partner in Dirt Marcus was also smashing it up in the mens race, but alas both were to busy suffering it up to get any pics happening.

Meanwhile, the Rivet boys headed over the hill to the fart noise inducing Rice Mountain Classic, which is one of THE races to win in the Welly area each year and always as hard as fuck, as Doc Old School Dura says: “They don’t call it a classic for nothing”. Full report to come later this week once I get some photographic evidence from the lads.

And finally… Does anyone feel lazy after the weekend? Well, something to make anyone feel lazy here… Kinchy down in Strayla went to the dairy for some milk, took a wrong turn and took the fucking long way home:


“We’ll only be out for a couple of hours, promise, then we can go out for lunch”

Yip – You ARE reading those numbers right… YES… 320km’s in a day… Get up on it and respect the fuck out of it people! 12 hours in the saddle, BUT, check the metres climbed! What?!! And calories assassinated, what?!!! Give it the biggest WTF you can find… I know I am guilty of using the word EPIC a lot, but this kind of defines it from a road riding perspective. I did 325km’s for the week this week just been, so feeling quite lazy now.

How lazy? How about too lazy to clean my own Evo… Yes, everyone needs one of these:


Fuck… You missed a spot… come on…

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  1. Craig

    20 years ago it used to cost you a can of “Fresh Up” for a bike clean- How’s inflation treating you?

    • dirtynomad

      Not to bad actually… that particular effort was a freebie, so good outcome! I offered to hook them up with a coke, but no takers


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