After a night of solid rioting, you’ll excuse that this is some extremely lazy Dirty posting… its also been a rest day and its a good video, so ignore the fact I am being an on-line lemming in linking to this, yes its all over the internet. But, there is a very loose Dirty tie in, here we go:

Most of the Summer Tour will be MTB focused, so its time to get that fever building. Yeah… that was a poor tie in. Just watch the MF vid and take the poll (headphones in if you’re at work people):

So then… Begs the question… For the Mountain Bikers out there, how many have YOU done? Take the poll and let us know:

Thanks to the Trans Provence tour (which nails about 6 or 7 of these), I can say I am sitting around the 80% mark. I’m mechanically retarded, so chances of building a bike = zero… I’m also an accom snob, so that tent next to the bike can fuck right off… Looks like it will be stuck on 8!

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