Details remain mysteriously scarce as to the composition of the DN Summer Tour, with good reason may I add (actually, I just can’t be fucked booking accom and organising stuff), but we continue to plug away at our Global Black site secured location, planning out some excellent summer action.

One thing I have alluded to is the fact that its going to be a rebalancing exercise to bring back the DIRT – Yes, since Whistler in July I haven’t been on the MTB at all (maybe once?!) and its been a massive Road OD… Its time to recapture the Dirt Mojo. However, this brings us to the first issue we face from almost 5 months of Road detail and a change in discipline on the horizon:


Can’t even dead lift a packet of Tim Tams

Yip, T Rex syndrome… And if there’s one thing learnt from Whistler, is the need to have the upper body sorted if you want to shred it up properly and not just end up holding on whilst you piss your fox shorts as you’re flung through a berm by your ‘significantly more capable than you’ bike. So, its key to use the dead time to get some discipline going to prepare properly… its been 3 times a week here:


Rise of the Machine

Ignore the fact its the worlds weirdest gym set up (no free weights), when its free you improvise and make do with the 5 exercises you can do. The exact details of the weight that I can currently lift is highly classified, but may be roughly in the same region as a large Cappuccino. Cue Herr Doktor hanging his head in shame/disgust.

Moving right along… I am also mindful that being more MTB focused, it will be about earning the turns, so a bit of grinding climbing on the Nomad… So, its been down to pretty much the only place you can get some decent and quiet hill repeats in here in SG, ‘Mount’ Faber. Calling it a Mount is taking the piss in a drastic way, but it sort of does the job – You just need to do quite a few:


And on today’s menu, dizzying repeats… It may start to get somewhat repetitive around the middle there

The only catch is dodging the bus loads of Chinese tourists at the summit, who are bewildered and in awe of how massively ripped off they are getting if that’s the pinnacle of their tour (soak up that view of Jurong Port people), they’re also not that keen to look right when launching out across the road… A quick yell of FUCK seems to fix that situation up a treat.

BUT – The best news all, today’s prep mission was to recover our favourite team member, who needs no preparation and is ready for a full summer deployment:


No upgrades needed… Well… Almost…

Not that its needed, but we do have a few Dirty upgrades planned… Call it a victory for ESF if you will, stay tuned.

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