After posting the first Perth Enduromania Shredit it occurred to me that I needed to do a bit of work on my quality. So, after consulting the oracles of dubious internet forums and the DN Global Collective, I came up with the following fool proof steps:

  1. Upgrade to Vimeo PRO… Not that cheap…
  2. Research on line to work out how to get the best quality video action
  3. Create massive 1080p movie file that looks great
  4. Spend 8 hours uploading your now massive 4.65GB file… On the 3rd attempt after the first uploads fail
  5. Say ‘cunt‘ quite a bit at inanimate objects (MacBook PRO)

End result? Shredit looks basically exactly the same as the previous ones uploaded… Gaaaaaa. Anyway, enjoy an afternoon at the Goat Farm as I go back to the drawing board on how to beat compression doom. Any advice then feel free to hit me:

That’s right an afternoon spent indulging in a pool of ENDURO spirit scoping out stage 1 and 2 for the race. REALLY wish we had also checked out 3 and 4 as well, turned out it would have come in handy.

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  1. Diana

    Hi, it was brilliant to see this vid because for once it was somewhere I’ve been! But a very different scenario to the actual rain soaked, mudfest of race day! It was still fun though, up to our knees in wet long grass watching brown boys on brown bikes! The DN enduro fan club!


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