I’m not sure if I should be stoked or bricking my shorts right now… But Yup, this totally happened at 4am Global Hub time this morning!


This REALLY happened!

Gaaaaaaaaaa…. Nailed an entry in the first round of the Enduro World series Round #1 in Rotorua at the end of March! Faaaaaaark… Its a mixture of mega pumped and “What the fuck have I done?!” Why am I so feral? Well, aside from the fact its the premier series in the world for ENDURO and on my cycling dream list, it also sold out in minutes, like about 3 or 4, so its proof that being a little OCD on prep isn’t always a bad thing:


Not a problem one has with Road Races is it?

I am off for some mega panic training… Yeah… at 4.15am… Fart noise… Then I’m going to buy some ENDURO toilet paper…

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