Far OUT man… I am on the ground in the UAE in Abu Dhabi and its about as far away as I could have come from the awesome Spanish adventure.

Yes, you don’t really come here for the riding, so unfortunately I have to report I am here for this foreign principle called W O R K. I know I used to be quite good at it, but I have been unplugged from the Matrix for a while now, so its a massive double culture shock to rock up to not just the Desert, but also to an OFFICE. There were a whole lot of other people there looking at screens and tapping on key boards… I asked around, but nobody had either been to the Vuelta or ridden up Angliru. Weird.

So, until Dirty Nomad becomes self funding (we are a little way off, but the T Shirts should give us the boost we need), its time to top up the cash tank for an EPIC summer ahead and new adventures (oh yes, there are concepts). But rest assured of two things:

  1. There is some riding planned – I have the Cannondale Team Evo with me
  2. This is short term gig! In and out like Parker on a couch

What does it look like? Well, to steal a phrase from a good Aussie chap, the best way to sum it up: “Its like Singapore, in a desert”. Case in point, the view from the Hotel:


Is that Marina Bay?

And to reinforce the accusation further, how about this from the orifice:


Singapore, but with sand… LOTS of sand…

I intend to brush up on my sand castle building technique while here, and being faaaarking hot, it is a mega scorcher… Riding will be interesting!

Global shredding report

With me dropped into the desert for 3 weeks, I will need to tap into the Dirty Nomad Global Network for inspiration, which is never far away. Time to pay homage to some shredding that went down over the weekend. First up, Herr Doktor giving it some on the sweet 888 Demo combo in Perth:

Fettle me Dok... you know you want to...

Fettle me Dok… you know you want to…

Check out that SOLID Aussie ute action… Perfect for shooting roos from and DH MTB shuttling. Dok has been tweaking this bad boy like a cold nipple and will be massive set up for next years Whistler trip.

Half way around the world, the Ironhawk has popped out of a bowl of potato udon noodles to get back on the EPIC Cannondale Scalpel 29er to bring us this massive action shot from Niseko Japan:

"I believe I can fly... "

“I believe I can fly… “

Clearly there is no need to save the soldier any more… The last time I went on an MTB ride with the Hawk he did a great impersonation of a Piñata, so good composure here dude.

I am currently busy planning rides and… Gulp… surveying the gym at the hotel… Oh man, do I want to do it? FUCK no… Do I have to (given 5 Passes is at the end of Oct)? Yes… Gaaaaaaaa!!!

Stay tuned for some Desert rat riding and more Spanish video.

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