Got a few vids today, so less reading and a bit of watching – Yes, more boring road vids, so I have kept them under 5 mins, hopefully chosen music that works and kept the edit as snappy as possible… Just try and soak up the uniqueness of the terrain!!!

1. The Yas Island Marina F1 track ride

Ok, so I admit that the on-board from an F1 car would be a LOT more interesting than from the Evo, but to be fair I did more overtaking in this one lap than an entire F1 race, so there is that upside (forget for a moment that its rammed with muppets)

2. The Hatta hills/oven ride

Yeah… Got massively baked on this one and struggled like a blind person at a shooting range… Having the 53 x 25 also wasn’t of great assistance when it was 9% and 40 degrees. A leg busting day for sure. However, this is probably the more interesting vid! I don’t think I have ridden through terrain quite like this before…

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