With the last two dirty videos devoted to the new approach of multi angle takes on the same rad track, its now time to return to some more traditional montages, but with a bit more variety added than usual. First up its the Bike Park montage – A collection of greatest hits from rolling in the Skyline Bike Park over 4 days:

And I fucking love that first song too FYI, it seemed to fit in quite well. Yes, 4 days in the park condensed down into roughly 4 mins to give a flavour. No wonder I arrived back in the global hub feeling rather cunted, a good reminder that I need to hit the gym in preparation for Shredpocalypse II later on this year…

Meanwhile, I decided that my recovery from the flu would be assisted by heading out for a road ride this week, which turned out to be as helpful as a golden shower from a squirrel… Setting me back several days and bringing on significantly more severe flu symptoms than I had previously had. On the upside, at least I wasn’t burning sick leave from work! How’s that for a fucked up silver lining.

Oh, and for those that keeping telling me to take more Vitamin C, here’s a tip – It is possible to OD on that shit, much to the disappointment of my bathroom. Stay healthy everyone!

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