Well, fuck saving the best to last! Yes, I continue to abandon any logic in the structure for bringing the #R14QT Dirty Videos to the public arena, forgoing the building up of any anticipation to a grand finale with instead releasing what may possibly be one of the best Dirty Vids to date. Following on from yesterday’s first multi angle action Shredit, I feel the sequel is even better.

Early focus groups gave feedback that the only way I could have made this Shredit more bad ass was to include Grubby Graves or, one of the greatest actors of our time, Mark Wahlberg. Unfortunately Grubby was busy at a dwarf throwing contest and Mark was busy fingering Megatron, but Herr Doktor was more than happy to appear in this massive mash up of THE best way down from the Midpoint in the qTown Bike Park: Thundergoat!

Yes, here it is in all its top to bottom glory, the trail that always got me foaming at the mouth (and flogged me out), hitting you from more angles than you can throw a tabby at… Get up on it:

#fuckyeah… I will never be able to go back to one angle filming ever again. I know what you’re thinking right… So sick it would give an Ebola patient the flu! Snap! Speaking of which, I am only just starting to recover from a heavy dose of horrendous man Flu myself, mixed in with a strong concoction of catastrophising and hypercondria that resulted in 4 days off the bike.

Forget the fact that a rest was probably in order, 4 days of sitting around watching the Mad Men marathon on FX job hunting has been pretty average. Thank fuck then that there has been an avalanche of PRO cycling going down in the form of World Cup DH, ENDURO World Series and more epic PRO classics action. Stay tuned on the most un-informed wrap up on all that action coming at ya soon enough.

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