Na na na na…. Na na nah nah na… Ok, so more effective if you hum it, but you get the general idea. Yes, the hand crafting of GO PRO files and hand wringing over music track selection has come to a close for the #R14QT mission and in keeping with tradition, the final overall Queenstown Reunion montage has been birthed.

I’ve even managed to pretty much do it using virgin material, not to mention a few new tricks and some variety as well. It may appear to be a copy of the Bike Park Montage, but its SO much more than that. I haven’t taken a vote yet, but maybe the best has been saved to last? You be the judge:

Song choice inspired by Mad Markus, who has been back in qTown this week smashing the fuck out of my times in the bike park… I think the lyrics aptly describe the week of awesome riding and hanging out.

And yes, with this final qTown video being let loose into the public, its the end of the free and easy posts here at DN Global HQ and back to the old fashioned ways of having to actually create material from scratch… Until the next adventure of course…


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