Given I’m having to resort to begging for someone to type up my posts in a manner that would embarrass even a junkie, they may come across as being light on original content. Yes, the easiest path at the moment is to lemming it up with some unashamed regurgitation of stuff seen around the net.

Invariably this means shit that has probably been seen before, so I will attempt to be surgically selective (quality not quantity). Well, to start with, I bet not many people can claim that they have a local trail like this beast! At 9 minutes long I originally thought that I wouldn’t watch all of this video, but fuck me if it didn’t become oddly mesmerising (unless you like road bikes), the number of mental gap jumps that keep coming have a tractor beam like effect, even if the music is slightly odd (Euro mix action). Best watched in HD setting of course:

Suspect you’d get pretty fucking rad riding this everyday as your local trail… Got anything that compares?

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