Aside from very strange mild weather in the Global Hub HQ, there hasn’t been a whole lot going down. I have been doing my best to ram in some overtraining on the road bike, but apart from that its a bit of a holding pattern until blast off on Leg 3 of DNST on Monday night.

Sooooo… Some lazy video posting from me today. Note – I have refrained from calling it “dirty video action”, as every time I do that I get a massive uptick in traffic from fiends hunting porn, who would do such a thing?! First up some left over clips that I found on the dirty editing floor from NZ. In this little number its Makara vs. Wainui on the MTB front, with the goodness of the Nikau trail going up against the Beeline. This one is sure to give you some motion sickness FYI:

Throwing in a bit of lemming action here, but it turns out that Mavic is turning 125, which is pretty epic and they have put together a little video to show you they like cycling a reasonable amount as well. I’ve thrashed the fuck out of Mavic wheels and rims for years now, so a good clip to watch:

Chances are if you’ve been cycling more than a couple of years you’ve come into contact with Mavic gear at some stage. Sure, they are trying to ram us with mega volumes of colour co-ordinated ENDURO products right now, but they do make some handy kit, so happy birthday Mavic.

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