First up – Let’s lower the bar, admittedly not hard for this blog, but in this instance I’m not talking about questionable humour or prodigious use of the C Bomb. Instead, its about TIME. In this scenario, its our old friend Butterfly again. Yes, the good conditions continue here (the driest period in Singapore since 1840 something) and with it, the OCD rolls on to try and get a better time in before Rainageddon returns.

Last weekend I got more hot and flustered than a Barista when I squeezed under the magical 14 minute barrier. Well, it didn’t take longer for ALL our expectations to be reset sharper than a prison shiv in the ribcage when Snozza promptly went out and did a sub 13 minute lap. Somewhat perturbed and in a mini tizz, it was time to head back on Friday and attempt to improve the scoreboard.

I won’t labour the point here… Or fill the whole post with a drama fuelled story line about how I toiled, sweated, fought and struggled against my own demons or the roots that infest Butterfly, but instead I will just give you a number. Its a number that had even me gasp “FUCK”, especially as I was sure I was slower:


Yes, no bullshit… And a testament to smoothness = fast. After I was vaporised in the first 400m trying to follow Snozza, I just tried to ride smoothly for the lap. Oddly, this felt a lot slower, but the clock doesn’t lie. Speaking of which, let me throw another number at your grill:


Yeah… Fuck, just when you strip nude and start to rub glory all over yourself in lavish style, the segment bear tears more of your flesh from your amateur cycling bones and laughs whilst doing so. Yes, Snozza squeezed out a 12.12 for a new KOM. Still, I shall sit back and smugly enjoying being only one of two to do a sub 13 traditional BF loop and the only 26 inch bike to do so (bring on your wrath HATERS! LOOK AT THE TIME!)

Now, on to the trailer… I am currently sifting through 4000 files from no less than 3 Go PRO’s that we used to do some casual filming, just the standard thing you do on a Friday morning, lie around in the jungle shooting videos while being attacked by the biggest disease filled Ants in the universe. Still, some of the shots were worth it:


More out of shape than a fat CEO

With shots like this I should really be off to the World Cup this year (actually, nothing to do with me, feel the power of the Go PRO H3+):


More carving than a woodwork shop on hooch

As the video will eventually show, this was a favourite camera shot, note the dryness, its like talcum powder at the moment here:


“I haven’t ridden a 26er since 2004” etc etc

When it was my turn to do some amateur posing, Snozza was a good sport when he did his best to try and put me off by squatting down pretending to punch out a jungle turd whilst lying in ambush:


A different kind of jungle snake

This was a test session for multiple camera angles and shots, which is going to come in handy later in the year (is that the scent of secret trip planning?). One of the key learning’s? Hmmmm… Seems we have a long way to go with the handlebar mounted reverse looking camera angle, this didn’t turn out as expected, unless you’re rolling with a crotch fetish:


We present the cover of the 2014 Cannasia calendar…

And on that note, I bet you can’t wait for the video to come out! Stay tuned…

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