Its true that I’m as culturally sensitive as a donkey with a strong case of gastro, but given I’m here in the Global HQ hub of SEA, its only fitting that I wish everyone a Dirty Happy New Year, Chinese style. Yes, its that time of year where I walk around looking like an ex-pat cock as I awkwardly reciting the only local phrase I have picked up in 4 years of living here:

Gong xi fa cai

I especially love watching taxi drivers roll their eyes as they think “Fuck, not another one, thanks for butchering my language fool”, as I beam at my excellent command of the local CNY greeting. Score 1 for international relations.

Importantly though, this year is perhaps the best of ALL the years, as its the year of the Horse. Yes, the most noble and magnificent of creatures, its Pony domination in 2014:


High 5 – Its our fucking year bro

Just so happens I am also a Horse (so I’ve been told), but it turns out that I am not the only (in)famous Horse that likes to ride bikes. A quick scan of the ranks of the PRO road peloton shows that I am in rather illustrious company when it comes to being a cycling equine, here is a taste of some of the more well known names born under the sign of the noble beast:

  • George Bennett
  • Thibaut Pinot
  • Pierrick Fédrigo
  • Rohan Dennis
  • Tom Danielson
  • Andrew Fenn
  • Matthew Hayman
  • Michael Matthews
  • Nairo Quintana – This one obviously being the pick of the bunch in terms of famous rating… 2nd in last years tour, white jersey winner and NO doubt a future grand tour winner:

“Forget my results esse – I have the best tan lines in the peloton”

I would love to see Richie Porte win the Giro, as he’s a cool unit, but year of the horse domination may prevail in Italy this May, so stay tuned… In the mean time – Happy New Year!

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  1. Diana

    FYI, Here’s a quote from a book I saw about Chinese Horoscopes…”Horses are funny, popular, fearless and hardworking. They like playing sport because they have lots of energy. They are also confident, spirited, honest, sensitive and brave. Horses like helping others.”
    So eh, not just a show pony on a fancy bike!


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