Well gang, we’re off and rolling on 5 passes! Today involved a lot of sitting/lying around before the 13.4km TT Prologue that kicked off at 5.30pm! A late start given that tomorrow’s first road stage kicks off at 6am… Hmmmm…

Following a rubbish sleep thanks to time zone fever and a 4am earthquake wake up (which all the boys from Wellington slept through fuck it), it was a long day of chilling before we shipped out to the race track to get it ON for some TT suffering.

Today’s post will be rather short and to the point given its 9pm here and we have a 4.30am start, getting picked up at 5am for a 6am stage start… FAAAAAARK… so, quickly and to let anticipation build, a smattering of photos to wet the appetite – As you’ll see the rain stayed away and whilst we got a bit of wind, it was all GOOD:


Warm up with the boys on the race track… Matching the fuck out of the kit…

Some of the lads lined up ready to roll:


Like lambs queuing up at the meat works…

Whilst the other lounge in the pits:


Angus still deciding if he is impersonating a gorilla or putting on his race face…

Finally, DN on the scene – And yes, FUCK it, they are making us have those horrendously uncool helmet stickers on, just to ruin all the photos for the week:


Yip – I carried a bottle that I never managed to get out of its cage the whole TT, so NOT PRO

The calm after the storm, Ango chilling with the Italian, relieved its over and Angus stoked to be wearing the coolest glasses on the Planet (Oakley Radarlocks):


Usually the home of Bogans, today overrun with skinny people in sweet skin hugging lycra… feels so good on my thighs

So… to the BIG question! How did we DO?! Well, unfortunately no official results yet, but we had 2 of the guys from our team go under 19 mins with a 18.58 or so, which was pretty handy and none of the boys had a real blow out, so a solid start.

I had an odd TT, on the upside I managed to avoid my usual TT trick of ‘blow out early and struggle to recover‘ and was a lot more consistent, with my last lap being my strongest… But, I didn’t really empty the tank in the end and had trouble getting my heart rate into the mid 180’s where it should have been. In the end I averaged 39.2kph or so for the 13.4km’s, with an average heart rate of 179 BPM for around 19.30 timing wise (get into those stats people!). Ok, but not great… Solid shall we say? Certainly not a disaster, but I am not about to make a living out of being a Rouleur clearly!

And our competition? More on that tomorrow, but we have definitely detected some burglars lurking by the looks, so that could be interesting! Tomorrow brings 154km’s from Char Char to Hanmer and the hot pools, hoofuckingray! We have worked out a plan of attack, so its going to be all on to have a good crack at a few things… Watch this space…

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