Well, its day 3 post the 5 Passes/ToB double and I am very slowly starting to feel human again… Right shin is still bizarrely injured, but I’m starting to be able to function. Man, I would have been fucked this week if I had a real job!

With all the lying around and swimming, there isn’t a lot to report… But it was remiss of me to not get this little vid out last week. Its the final road stage of the 5 Passes, before the last TTT to finish. As you’ll note, even though it was only 17km’s long, it didn’t stop me from getting vaporised in the first few KM’s. Not my best work, so focus on the scenery (which is all time):

Yeah… That’s what it looks like when you are completely empty and your legs are painted on essentially… Not a fun experience.

What IS a fun experience though is the arrival of a new bike… Not mine unfortunately, but we do have an event that needs to be heralded and celebrated. The Wolf has decided to absolutely man up and get the best trail bike on the planet, a Santa Cruz Nomad. Here is the spy shot from him collecting the new bundle of shredding joy:


A beautiful quiver of carbon fibre goodness…

You’ll note the impeccable taste here, he has gone for the Green, full Shimano build and an Enve Carbon bar, I believe we have seen such a set up somewhere before? But, he has taken it up a notch with a set of the Enduro World Series winning wheels from Mavic… Mmmmm… Green and Yellow, YES.

Buying such a weaponised bicycle system now obligates the wolf to shred harder than an industrial shredding machine at Enron, he will need to go off shore ASAP to find the appropriate Gnar to smash, we eagerly anticipate the debut!

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  1. Shep

    What happened to the tallboy? Has that just been added to his no ride, look pretty collection?


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