Well, after riding pretty much every KM that the cycling gods could send in the last few weeks, this week is a rest week. Yeah yeah, I know: “Urghh, every week is a rest week for you cunt” etc etc, but seriously its chill time (except for the TEST) and yes, I am job hunting, so a slight diversion of focus to that as well. This week the Road team also spends 2 hours drinking coffee each day instead of 1.5, so quite a change in agenda.

To get into the theme today, I’m starting out with some classic internet video highjacking from Spoke Mag with this little number of the Wideopen team road trip. Worth noting how awesome the South Island is for riding and that I can’t do any of the jumps in this video, but its still a good watch:

Ahhhh yes… A reminder how good it would be to run a cycling distribution business with good brands and also how good Queenstown is. Like I needed it. And that folks is the perfect Segway (hands up if you are fucking sick of people saying that in meetings at work?) to the Dirty Demo build update!

Yes, massive thanks to AT, the Panther and the O-Town crew, the dirty box has finally arrived crammed full of goodies and completely intact. Again, a case study of team work and complex/weird logistics to achieve bringing back a whole lot of kit that I shipped back to NZ no less than 6 months ago. How’s that for forward planning!


Can’t wait to have my box ripped open

What lies within the recesses of my box? All sorts of goodies, but mainly this rather big/mad piece of the global puzzle:


“Anything to declare?”…. “Yes, just some Gnar gobbling radness”

Whoop whoop… wrapped up like a freaky Fraser fetish, the Marzocchi 888 fork of doom and an integral part of the DD build. Stage 1 is now underway, with the beast parked up at T3 ready to have Jimmy get the hammer out on it. Unfortunately its been stacked next to a shipment of Zipp wheels, so fingers crossed it doesn’t catch incompetence whilst waiting:


The snake to the mongoose…

Stay tuned for the build action that will be coming direct as the latest work of art takes shape. An irrational bike for an even more irrational time. Speaking of which, the only other news this week was me giving it a fucking good go to try and chase down Bertie Cuntador on stage 5 at Tirreno, but this was as close as I could get on my shit Giant loaner bike, thanks for snapping this pic GV:


“It would be a lot cooler if you had a beard you steak nerd”

Turns out Pissterolo agrees with me, pronouncing post stage quietly to me that he was indeed a closet Pogonophile… WTF I hear you say? Well, our ranks swell by the day:


Shit is getting freaky

Go ahead… Accuse me of having a distinct lack of material that borders on weirdness. Guilty. I clearly either need to get a real job or book another trip ASAP.

P.SHappy Birthday today to the Alley Cat, who really enjoyed trading steady Tri training riding on Saturday for the surgey as fuck Cannasia 4 hour hammerfest action instead. Seen here still cramping up at coffee:


“4 hours easy eh cunt?”

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